WSQ Apply 5S Techniques (Synchronous E-learning) 

Course Content:
On completion of this unit, learners will have the knowledge and application skills needed for an employee to apply 5S procedures (a structured approach to housekeeping) to their own job and work area. This will include SEIRI (Clearing unnecessary items from work area), SEITON (Organising work area in an orderly manner), SEISO (Cleaning work area), SEIKESTU (Maintaining work area cleanliness) and SHITSUKE (Maintaining) self discipline in work area

Course Objectives:
At the end of each learning unit, the learner will be able to:

  • SEIRI – Clear unnecessary items from work area
  • SEITON – Organise work area in an orderly manner
  • SEISO – Clean work area
  • SEIKETSU – Maintain work area cleanliness
  • SHITSUKE – Maintain self-discipline in work area

Upcoming class:
29 November 2023
(9am – 6pm)

Online (Zoom)

Mr Patrick Ng
With 16 years of experience in being a training, development and quality manager who believes in lifelong learning- both as an enabler and a learner to constantly strive to improve his professional practice and motivate his trainees.
– WSQ Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education (DACE)
(2012) Institute for Adult Learning Singapore (IAL)
– Industry Trainer Module Certificate – Coaching Skills

(2010) ITE
– WSQ Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) (Facilitated Learning)
(2009) IAL
– Certificate in Training Management
(2008) PSB Academy
– Industry Trainer Module Certificate – Planning and Implementing OJT
(2007) ITE

Nett Fees Payable (inclusive of 8% GST):

  • SME-sponsored: $111.77
    (SC/PR of all ages)
  • Non-SME sponsored/ Self-sponsored: $170.59
    (SC below 40 years old; PR of all ages)
  • Non-SME sponsored/ Self-sponsored: $111.77
    (SC 40 years old and above)

U.P. $317.65

Funding & Claims
To be eligible for funding, company-sponsored staff attending courses must be employed by company, and company also contributes CPF to staff.

– Foreigners may attend short courses but are not entitled to course fee subsidy and absentee payroll funding.
– SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit(SFEC) supportable (
– Absentee payroll claimable ($4.50 per hour).
– Supported under NTUC’s UTAP
Self-sponsored individuals must be at least 21 years old

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